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Having worked across the industry for a number of years, our experts are well-qualified to take on jobs of all sizes.

If you need help to hang your TV on the wall, or require assistance in other related contexts, our team is ready to get started. From providing support for your main entertainment centre, through to outdoor spaces, decks, man-caves and the bedroom – we can do it all.

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TV installation – spanning right across Melbourne

Setting up your new TV on the wall, rather than leaving it free-standing or on a cabinet, puts your entertainment centre in prime viewing position. Beyond functionality, ensuring you’ve chosen the best place for your setup also offers aesthetic appeal, whilst freeing up more space for other furniture.

When done properly, this also eliminates any risk in terms of safety or electrical hazards. And because we’ve completed dozens of jobs just like this, we guarantee all of our TV mount installations meet proper standards and processes.


On top of that, all cords can be safely moved behind the wall itself which removes tripping hazards.This also provides a much cleaner look to your living space, bedroom or outdoor entertainment area across the board.

Secure TV wall mounts also offer the best viewing experience for all viewers, alleviating eye and neck strain. In some circumstances, physical tension can be caused by looking at screens resting on a stand that’s too low to the ground. Our solutions help you avoid this hassle.

Most modern flat screen, LCD, plasma, OLED and other varieties often come with stands, but have been specifically designed to sit in a TV holder for wall surfaces. Backed by leading brands, we offer high-quality solutions that cater to this format. Readily available in our range, all products are made to be completely secure and allow for easy installation.

Let our professionals take care of the hard work for you 

This process is not a task we recommend using the DIY approach for. DIY job on. Because of electrical hazards and the potential of complex spaces to work with, we recommend calling in the professionals to do the job for you.

There are also a myriad safety options to consider – including existing wiring behind the wall and the stability of the installation.

Enlisting our wall mounting services guarantees you a properly-planned installation that will be completed rapidly, all at an affordable rate. We’ll also ensure no damage is inflicted on your property throughout the process.


How we can help 

Our expert team can enhance your viewing experience by setting up your entertainment centre from start to finish. Let us safely elevate your television away from children and pets, and conduct all necessary measures to secure it effectively.

The first step of the process is to properly prepare and plan for the installation, measuring the space for your device and allowing for it to be positioned correctly.

Nothing is worse than ending up with a screen that’s positioned awkwardly, or that’s uncomfortable to watch. All of our solutions are angled correctly, free from obstructions and any other hindrances.

The wiring is an essential component of the installation as well. It is always advised to reach out to professionals before drilling into walls as there are cables and electrical components that can inflict severe physical harm, if cut.

Moreover, stud finders can be notoriously unreliable when not wielded by an expert – with seams, irregular textures, fire blocks and poorly calibrated devices all factors that can cause incorrect readings.

Our team will expertly locate any hazards, minimise any damage to your walls and ensure all cords and wiring are safely stored where they cannot be tripped over. This also adds a clean look to the finished job.


Keep these things in mind 

Sometimes beams, the ceiling, the floor and other elements might not be level or create illusions which can make your device look uneven. This is all factored into our planning, measuring and preparation, so that you can be assured of a professional-looking finish every time.

Finally, TV Hanging will ensure that all debris and rubbish are removed at the end of the day. We’ll leave your space clean as when we arrived, so you will be immediately ready to enjoy your new mounted television.

We operate across the Greater Melbourne region and we are more than happy to pop by and measure your space. During this step, we’ll also determine the best plan and assess the brackets and materials required for your task.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and then we can have your television quickly mounted so you can begin to enjoy the benefits. At all times, our commitment is to keep your safety as our first priority, so you can trust our experts to create a highly aesthetically pleasing result, all at an affordable price.

All of our technicians are licenced and insured – see why we’re the leading providers in your area now. Get in touch now for a free quote or for more information about our Melbourne services.



We had these guys come out to our office and setup all our TV’s in our call centre and we were blown away with the professionalism and prompt response. We definately will use these guys again.

Patrick E.

My grandmother needed her TV hung on her wall in her bedroom and TV Hanging did a great job.

Jeff B.

Since the moment I called to the completed job this company was nothing but polite and professional. Will be telling my friends.

Roger Q.

We run a company in Brighton and required someone to come and hang our TV’s in our boardrooms and meeting rooms so we hired TV Hanging and they were nothing but extremely nice and the work was great. Thanks TV Hanging, you were a pleasure to deal with.

Kim E.