How to wall mount a TV to a brick wall

One of the common questions we are asked is whether you can hang a TV on a brick wall or similar surface.

Fortunately, the answer is yes, and we have carried out many of these installations in the past for many satisfied and happy customers. However, this is definitely a job that should be left to the professionals, as there are many challenges and considerations to ensure the job is completed to a safe standard.

Mounting your TV on brick veneers should be professionally completed

One of the key challenges is the wiring aspect of the process. You want these to be safely concealed and this can be more difficult with brick surfaces than walls with cavities.

This is especially important to consider when you have an older property where the power outlets and aerial ports may be housed on a different wall than the one you want to mount your television on.

The process itself is going to require sturdy steel bolts that will ensure your device is firmly attached to the brick veneer and an assessment on the quality of the surface will be required as well. Furthermore, ageing or crumbling bricks would not be suitable as the bolts would be likely to crack them and cause the device to fall.

Ideally, you want a solid surface to work with, and then the drilling will be done into the mortar so that the bolts will be firmly installed between the bricks. This ensures minimal damage to your wall, except for easily replaced mortar.

In-wall concealment is also a delicate art when it comes to brick surfaces and certainly one best left to the professionals. Depending on the television – as well as the wall and room layout – there are numerous ways we can achieve this result. During this time, we’ll also make sure all steps are carried out for maximum safety and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

We can also install your device over your fireplace, including securing and hiding the wiring and cabling.

Enjoy your favourite movies and shows with the warmth of the fire on a chilly winter’s night without any concerns about the damage caused. Ask our experts how by getting in touch now.