Ceiling-hung TV solutions for your space

An alternative to mounting a television on your wall is ceiling-mounted options, which bring a whole new dimension to your entertainment or relaxing space.

This delivers massive floor-space efficiencies so they are also a great option for businesses for use in boardrooms and other areas where many people may need to view a presentation or live conference.

Products like this are also extremely versatile as well, with many different options available depending on your layout and needs.

Looking to have your TV suspended from the ceiling?

Our experts can provide unique viewing angles for your setup, allowing for the best possible experience – be it for leisure or work.

TV Hanging’s team of professional technicians can ensure you get the right advice and the perfect ceiling installation with a heavy focus on safety. These installations need to be meticulous to ensure the device is not going to come loose or fall – aspects we keep as priorities at all times.

During this time, angles need to be perfected. Even the slightest horizontal incline can lead to mechanical failure in televisions over a prolonged period of time. We also source the correct ceiling mounts from our trusted and reputable suppliers with guarantees delivered on all materials used as well as our workmanship.

The process of installing your device is very similar to a wall mount, albeit with a different bracket that connects to your ceiling. Our team will measure, prepare and plan your installation with high attention to detail before drilling into your home, ensuring a perfect finish with no needless damage to your property.

We will also ensure all wires, cords and electrical components are safely concealed so they do not become a hazard and for a cleaner look overall.

Our professionals can head out to your Melbourne property to assist you with all aspects of this kind. For more information, or to receive a quote, please get in touch with the TV Hanging team now. We’re also always happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific space or requirements.